Painting is thinking.

There is too much going on around us. Painting is the place for clarity.

My hand is not evident in the making of my paintings. My paintings use the second-person point of view—You.

Painting is both expression and participation.

The way a painting is made is telling.

To abstract means to take from. I use forms that exist. Everything leads back to the world. We can't escape the world. The world is in us, and we are in the world.

What is being represented? My paintings use both the readymade and the thing the readymade references in the world. Mat board is both cardboard and concrete or slate. An orange line is also stained plywood. A line is both negative space and a force. This multiplicity creates resonance in the work. It keeps the painting happening in the mind of the viewer.

We touch the ones we love. We strive to touch as in reach out, connect. The most pronounced form of touch is the sexual act. Physically, it's as close as two people can get. Touch is both physical and conceptual, as in thinking alike, as in feeling alike. There is a core within each of us that is untouchable, unreachable. We are born alone, and we die alone. Life is the process of trying to reach the core, the core in ourselves, and the core in others. Art is the highest form of expression of this core.

My paintings express both containment and release. This process is ongoing—the tension between these two states.

My paintings exist in a moment of something happening.

We strive for control—control of ourselves, control of others, control of the world, control of materials. We have limited success.

Absence is sometimes a presence.

The physical world is only a small part of reality.